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Braille indicators

Braille indicators and tactile information panels, as well as maps for blind and visually impaired people, have the following characteristics:

  • The characters have a triangular profile, to be more easily identified by touch
  • The signs do not have burrs and edges, which could hurt at touch
  • The characters are uppercase letters, Sans Serif, easily recognizable by the sense of touch
  • The height of the letters is at least 15 mm
  • The letter prominence to the plan plaquette is 0,8-1,0 mm
  • The Braille characters comply the coding table for Romanian language
  • The vertically and horizontally distance between nearby points in the Braille character is in accordance with the current standards
  • Spheres that build the Braille characters are welded on the plaquette with ultrasound, which provides resistance
  • The colors of the tactile signs shall be determined by the buyer; in general there are white characters on dark blue plaquette, for signs indicating exits and access denied
  • It is guaranteed the resistance of the tactile signs at corrosion
  • It is guaranteed the resistance of the tactile signs at usage
  • It is not guarantee the strength of tactile signs if they are vandalized (stroked or scratched by hard objects, heated over 60 oC, attacked with chemical substances which have pH out of range 5-8)
  • It is guaranteed that in undamaged state, the tactile signs can not produce injuries even if they are touched fast
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to immediately dismantle the tactile signs that are damaged, which could result in injury bye touching

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