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Software for converting text documents
in audio files


  • direct conversion of a text document (including pdf, doc, rtf, etc..) in audio format
  • the possibility to control the quality of the audio saved files

You can download the latest version, MOROMETE Pro v1. 4 here.

What is MOROMETE Pro?

MOROMETE Pro allows you to read through synthetic voice documents saved in various formats, such as files TXT, RTF or DOC, and PDF. Also, MOROMETE Pro allows reading of CHM and HTML files.

You have the possibility to save documents heard in audio format WAV, MP3 or Speex.

MOROMETE Pro uses for voice synthesis the voice Ancutza, the first Romanian professional voice produced by the company BAUM Engineering in Romania. For MOROMETE Pro to be able to work you should have this voice installed, which can be downloaded from our site (www.baum.ro/ancutza).

For what can you use MOROMETE Pro?

First of all, MOROMETE Pro allows you to listen to books saved in electronic format.

Secondly, MOROMETE Pro allows you to create audio books in WAV, MP3 or Speex format.

Which are the main functions of the application?

Type or transferred text by Copy / Paste in the window and then click the button "Read" ("Citeşte"); with the "Stop" and "Pause" ("Pauză") buttons you can interrupt or suspend the current reading text.

Open a file of type TXT, DOC, RTF, CHM or HTML; the program will extract the text content in the selected file, which will be displayed in the window. Thereafter it can be read with the help of the "Read" ("Citeşte") button.

It is possible to hear an audio file.

It is possible to synthesized the text from program window and save it directly into the audio format WAV, MP3 or Speex.

We look forward for your comments on the email address: moromete@baum.ro.



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