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Portable electronic zoom device

Enjoy more freedom and new opportunities offered by this high-performance device! This is easy to transport and can be used anywhere, at work, at school or for leisure activities. The large and easy to handle screen, allows comfortable reading thanks to the magnifying power of 26 zoom. Additionally, the device can be connected to TV, thereby allowing an extra magnification. With the help of the special support, delivered with the device, you can easily sign a document, you can solve crossword puzzles, or you can do your homework.

Comfortable reading

A wide screen, with an ergonomic tilt, allows a comfortable reading, both at home or traveling. Olympia allows selection between the following display modes:

  • natural colors, for photographs;
  • black on white or white on black for reading texts

Of course, brightness can be adjusted by preference.
Olympia is immediately operational, either by supplying from the network, either by supplying from a portable rechargeable battery.


Easy to handle

Adjusting image clarity is done automatically; you just have to drop the camera above the object you are interested. The level of magnifying is easily adjusted using a slider.

Write with Olympia

The special support that comes with the device provides an optimal lighting and enough space for your hand so you can easily fill in forms, you can sign documents, or even write letters.

Technical details:

  • Zoom: between 4.3 times and 26 times.
  • To write: 4.5 times or 9 times.
  • Display: flat screen, without radiation with 17.8 cm diagonal.
  • Display modes: natural colors, white/black, or vice versa, white/black.
  • Weight: 1.14 kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 20.8 Width x 13.8 Height x 10 8 cm Thickness
  • External rechargeable battery: autonomy between 2.5 and 6 hours
  • Battery charging time: between 2 and 5 hours

Our products can be purchased also in installments, with the program FinAccess



For best view use minimum 800x600 resolution
and Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ browser
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