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When the glasses are not enough and the visual power decrease, reading becomes a challenge. With the reading help you can be independent again in the everyday life. Magnify images and text according to your needs.


VISIO - the reading help for the everyday life

Handy design, simple to use, yet powerful – that is what VISIO stands for.

Though being one of the smallest lightweight and  best designed devices, VISIO provides all the functionality you expect from an excellent CCTV reader. 

Visio features full colour auto focus and a variety of false colours. Reverse foreground and background colour is provided as well as optional fix focus for hand writing and filling in forms. Thanks to its image optimizer feature VISIO will always provide an optimum image quality.

Technical Data

  • Full color
  • 7 False colors with enhanced contrast + reverse image giving 14 combinations (black-white,  black-yellow, black-cyan, black-green, black-magenta, blue-white and blue-yellow)
  • Autofocus
  • Fix focus for handwriting
  • Automatic exposure
  • Zoom range approx. 3 to 45
  • Lightweight design (approx.10.8kg)
  • Dimensions: 388 mm x 498 mm x 560 mm
  • Power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A max.



For best view use minimum 800x600 resolution
and Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ browser
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