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Sigla WebVOX

gives voice to web pages

WebVOX is an application that reads aloud websites in the Romanian language, because reading text displayed on the computer screen can be difficult for the blind, visually impaired and illiterate people.

In Romania are over 80 thousand blind and visually impaired and over half a million illiterate (508,994 persons at the 2002 census). The right of the citizens to public information should be provided by making the web pages of public interest accessible.

By implementing the solution WebVOX on your site, the number of people who can access its contents will increase.


  1. is a program that reads aloud the pages of your site
  2. the text displayed on the screen can be parsed with the keyboard and is immediately read by the program
  3. the program is free for the users
  4. the owners of sites who want to make their sites accessible will make a contract for installation and maintenance with the BAUM Engineering Compan

To make your site accessible through WebVOX, contact us at phone +40 729 099 260 or via email at pf@baum.ro

In accordance with Law no. 448 of 2006, public authorities have an obligation to ensure access to information and communication environment for people with disabilities. This is achieved inclusively by making the internet pages of the public and private authorities of general interest accessible. WebVOX ensure the access to your site for the blind, visually impaired and illiterate people.

WebVOX has been designed so to make no security for site where it is installed. In designing the system, the safety of your site was the main criterion taken into account.

The voice used for the voice synthesis is called Ancutza and if the first synthetic professional Romanian voice. Being made in Romania by the Romanian, the voice has no foreign accent and reads the words correctly in the Romanian language, also mathematical expressions, calendar data, symbols, abbreviations and even foreign words more often used in Romanian.

Because WebVOX is addressed to people with reading difficulties, users don’t have to install any software. Changes needed for the site that wants to be accessible are minor and are supplied by the BAUM Engineering company.

Maintenance product is provided from distance, so that once installed, there is no effort required from the owner of the site. This makes WebVOX an immediate solution, which can be implemented without effort. Any further changes to the content of the site will be read correctly by WebVOX


General questions:

1. The WebVOX system can be hosted on the server where we have the Web page?

  • Yes, this is the recommended solution, the solution provider gives you advice on installation.

2. The accessibility solution works with any Web page?

  • Yes, if the site complies with the recommendations and requirements based on accessibility.

3. Does WebVOX make the site accessible to the blind ?

  • If the site complies with the accessibility guidelines, the blind can access the site. If the basic recommendations are not followed, even installing WebVOX solution will not provide the blind access to the full content of the site.

4. To access the a site with WebVOX, users must install any application?

  • No, users do not need to install any application to access a accessible site with WebVOX. The only things that the user needs are a computer with Internet connection, a sound card and speakers or headphones.

5. Which are web browsers supported by WebVOX?

  • For now, WebVOX works with MS Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 and Mozilla Firefox versions 2 and 3.

6. Does WebVOX work in other languages, or only in Romanian?

  • For now, WebVOX now works only in Romanian, at the request of owners of sites, it will be able to read also pages written in other languages.

7. For what categories of disabilities does WebVOX provide accessibility?

  • WebVOX provides accessibility features for web sites for the blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, color-blind, persons with learning difficulties and illiterate.

8. Is WebVOX is a streaming service, or should the whole web site be converted into audio file?

  • WebVOX is using streaming technology, which allows listening in real time; the major advantage is that reading starts almost immediately, and changes the content of the site are immediately taken into account by the synthetic voice.

9. Is WebVOX free?

  • Yes, WebVOX is free for the user, the one who pays for the implementation of accessibility solutions is the owner of the site.


Questions related to the implementation of the system

1. What is necessary to make the intranet of a company accessible with WebVOX?

  • To make the intranet accessible it is necessary to install the WebVOX solution on a server; also it must comply with the basic rules of accessibility of web pages. For details contact BAUM Engineering company.

2. Does WebVOX also work on dynamic pages generated by PHP, JSP, ASP etc.. ?

  • Yes, because WebVOX interprets the HTML code sent to the browser in real time. So WebVOX always reads what is displayed.

3. Can WebVOX be implemented and secure sites (https)?

  • Yes, secure sites can be accessible with WebVOX.

4. What should I install on the server to make a site accessible?

The kit and installation instructions are provided by BAUM Engineering; contact us for details.



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